Blue Eye Dungeon Quest

Blue Eye Dungeon Quest


Found Blue Eye

NPC: Fortress of Blue Eye – South of Southern Poibus

Quests Needed:               Finish Bale’s Disappearance Quest & Future of Shiltz Quest

Talk To Fortress of Blue Eye – You will obtain flag Found Blue Eye


Wounded Man Quest

Start NPC: Wounded Man – Southern Poibus

Quests Needed:               Found Blue Eye

Tipareth’s Chest

Start NPC:  Sabin

Talk to Sabin at Sevis

Tell her about The Wounded Man & Blue Eye

Sabin will send you to Tipareth’s Garden

Talk to Tipareth

Tipareth will give you Tipareth’s Chest

Now you can go inside Blue Eye Dungeon


How to Enter Blue Eye Dungeon ?

1st Floor Basement Blue Eye Dungeon Quest

2nd Floor Basement Blue Eye Dungeon Quest

3rd Floor Basement Blue Eye Dungeon Quest



1st Floor Basement Blue Eye Dungeon


I.Cut off Path

Condition: None

Explanation: Heap of stones that was blocking the path. Upon trying to destroy the stones to get through, an elf appears and teleports people to the other side.

Rewards:Flag [Cut off Path] Obtained (Flag Number: 773)


II.Broken Blue Piece and Broken Gray Piece Obtained

NPC: None

Condition: None

Explanation: Kill [Boss]Blood Skullo[Earth] or [Boss]Merciful Skull Mage[Darkness] then get Broken Blue Piece. Avoid to get close to [NPC] Doom of Skullo [Darkness], click [NPC] A Pile of Stone, Kill [Boss]Swift Zombie[Earth] or [Boss]Hot-Blooded Pedron[Earth] and get Broken Gray Piece

Rewards: Broken Blue Piece, Broken Gray Piece


III.Unstable Ohm

NPC:Room of Ohm

Condition: You need to have Broken Blue Piece and Broken Gray Piece in your inventory

Explanation: After passing the heap of stones, the room of Ohm can be found. However, the door is destroyed; only 2 holes can be found. After placing a piece of rock into each hole, the seal disappeared and the door is opened.

Rewards:Flag [Room of Ohm] Obtained (Flag Number: 774)


IV: Heap of Stones

NPC: Unstable Ohm (Monster) Coordinate

Condition: None

Explanation: If you enter the room of Ohm, Unstable Ohm is there. After defeating Ohm, you’re able to enter the 2nd floor of basement.

Rewards: Flag [Kill the Unstable Ohm] Obtained (Flag Number: 775)


  1. Enter Blue Eye 2nd Floor




2nd Floor Basement Blue Eye Dungeon

I.Suspicious Baile

NPC: [NPC] Questionable Bale

Condition: None

Explanation: Avoid [NPC] Doom Guard [Darkness]. There is empty space on the front, you need a good timing to go into safety zone. Find [NPC] Questionable Bale to enter inside the well.

Rewards:Flag [Talk with Questionable Bale] (Flag Number: 779)


II.Member of Balie Church in well

NPC:Inside the well

Condition:Flag [Talk with Questionable Bale] (Flag Number: 779)

Explanation: Inside the well, there is clear water which leads outside. In this area, there are some people. Among these people, the one named Seraph explains his miserable situation and requests to have Tarantaros destroyed. Upon acceptance, he will provide transport to Tarantaros’ Nest through a secret passage. Rewards:Flag [Enter the room of Tarantaros] Obtained (Flag Number: 780)

III. Tarantaros


Condition: Flag [Talk with Well Balie] (Flag Number: 779)

Explanation: With Seraph’s guidance, enter Tarantaros’ nest and defeat Tarantaros to access the 3rd floor. Seraph has disappeared without a trace from his prior location if checked Be able to enter 3th floor. Rewards:Flag [Kill Tarantaros] Obtained (Flag Number: 777)

  1. Enter Blue Eye 3rd Floor




3rd Floor Basement Blue Eye Dungeon

I.Stone Wall of Prophecy

NPC: Stone wall of prophecy Coordinate

Explanation: After cross the board road on 3th floor, we approach a green lighted stone wall. While reading prophecy, members of followed after us, Duran and Arus appeared. Let’s go inside room of Jikael with Duran and Arus.

Rewards:Flag [Read stone wall] Obtained (Flag Number: 778)


II.Temple of Jikael

NPC: Temple of Jikael

Explanation: When approaching the door, a voice can be heard. The voice introduces himself as the representative of Jikael, seems like he is waiting. Enter the door where the voice is from. After defeating the representative, Jikael appears. When Jikael is almost defeated, Seraph’s group appears and takes the soul of Jikael to their land.

Rewards:Flag [Enter Temple of Jikael] Obtained (Flag Number: 782)

Flag [Kill Jikael] Obtained (Flag Number: 781)