Years 316 Cross Forest Quest


  1. Talk to D.End to receive Year 316 Time Travel Medicine.
  2. Go to Forest of Cross and defeat Ohm.
  3. Go into the warp.
  4. Enter Neja’s Room and talk to Neja to receive a charm.
  5. Enter The Grounds of Seals and talk to Arus. Note: Talking to him will instantly warp you to the Boss room.
  6. Defeat Hanaiel. There’s 3 [High Level]Hagariel inside the room with her.
  7. Warp and talk to Neja.
  8. Talk to Neja one more time.
  9. Return to Elim Tavern and talk to Arus.
  10. after talking to arus Arus
  11. go to the warp behind D.End and pick no.2
  12. then you instantly warp to magus
  13. talk to magus
  14. choose no 1
  15. choose no 1 again
  16. choose no 4
  17. choose no 1
  18. then Bale’s Disappearance Quest ep 1 complete…
  • Note : Take your Grace of Vinagh and 2x Mystic Stone to Greywind (choose option that state “Are you Magus?”. To exchange 1 Mystic Stone for Grace of Neza choose option “Refine Equipment”. and choose “Refine Equipment again” to exchange 1 Mystic Stone for Grace of Hokma.
  • Tips : You need Knight with at least 1000 def for tank all Hagariel and should in PARTY (based on my personal experience after killing hanaiel solo 2 times nothing happen, on the 3rd having a party but killing it solo and ABRAKADABRA