Episode 1 Quest Table

Panduan Quests Episode 1 :

Start of Main Quest

  1. Talk to D.End.
  2. You get a time travelling ticket, walk to the portal behind him.


Whereabouts of Bale Quest

  1. Talk to Joan  saja.


Tavern Black Hair Knight Quest

Bicara aja dgn Knight duduk di bar Elim, tar disuruh ketemu istrinya.


Noble Madam Exp: 500  Fame: 20
Knight’s Questions Quest

Receive quest from Black Hair Knight di bar Elim. tar dikasih 1 Gold.

Go Madelin and talk to the Fortune Teller – Shina.

Return to the Black Hair Knight and tell him the results.


Black Hair Knight  Exp: 6380   Fame: 300 Platinum x20
Sage Herkaus Quest

Talk to Herkaus. and ask you to help him pull out some radish. Kill Super Hard Radish nearby and return the item to Herkaus. Now he wants some wine. Fill it up at the barrel beside him.

Talk to Herkaus again. After doing these, he’ll give you this quest. Erasnets 300 Years Ago. Report back to D.End.


Herkaus  Exp: 12750   Fame: 900
Convincing Amelia Quest

Yakinkan si Amelia di Madelin, lalu tunjukkan surat dari Claire. kamu disuruh pergi ke Gereja Madelin, dimana ada Erantess dan 3 anak kecil. Bicara pada Erantess dan buat makanan untuk 3 anak kecil itu. Bicaralah pada salah satu anak kecil yang ada disana, pilih  makanan apa. Tar bahan2ny masukin kedalam kuali, klo perlu water, tanya ma erantesnya Berikan makanannya,  Pergilah lagi ke pelayan Markus, diijinkan deh masuk ke rumah Markus (Brandon).


Amelia  Exp: 5,000 + 5,000   Fame: 150 + 150
Wise man Brandon Quest

Talk to Brandon. He will give you directions and a pass to go to Clements Mine. Talk to Amelia again to receive an Aleph’s Crystal. Travel to Zaid and go north east to the entrance of Clements Mine. Talk to the Travel Agent in Zaid. You will give her the pass and she will warp you to level 3 of the mine. There are no mobs in this map. Talk to the [NPC]Corpse in the Air. Break the Aleph’s Crystal Amelia gave you and listen to her story.


Noble Madam  

As a note, Brandon is “Marcus” in other country.

Images of What Happened in Cave Quest


Brandon  Exp: 5,000 + 15,000 + 20,000   Fame: 300 + 500 + 900
Greywind’s Request Quest

Bring your Aleph’s Crystal to Adel Monastery and talk to Greywind. He asks for Bear’s Gall x1, Magic Powder x10. Bring back to him to receive a medicine to give to Vivi in West of Laywook Forest. Go to Vivi and get her name card and return to Greywind. Greywind will give you an amulet. Investigate the area near Greywind near the cross. Place with Strange Force, Report back to D.End.


Greywind  Exp: 8,000 + 30,000   Fame: 300 + 2000 Meat x5, Wine x5
Record of Duran Quest

Carry a 40oz. Herbal Wine (you can buy it from the Vodka NPC in Silon Militia) and talk to Berner. He gives you the task of finding out Duran’s story from the people in Silon Militia. After that, talk to Elston.

Talk to Prell. Investigate the area behind Graham for Bloodstain. Talk to Sohn. Return to Berner. Talk to Graham. Talk to Collins and ask for the Field Trip Document. Return to Graham.

Return to Sohn and talk to him again. Enter Silon-Aleph Dungeon (Don’t forget to do Silon Militia Pass Quest first to be able to enter Silon-Aleph Dungeon). Talk to the Dark Hair Kid, and return to Berner. After you did the quest from Boy’s Request Quest, do Field Trip Document Quest(Remember, you can only do this quest under level 40).

Talk to Graham again(remember to make sure that you have the Field Trip Document in your hand), choose option number 1, about Duran, then he’ll ask you if you’re a poet. After you will get Chief of Silon. After you’ve done all the step above, go back to talk to Berner again

Submit Graham’s story, then choose the option that say “you don’t have anymore information to find”. And after that he’ll give you the reward.(note: usually after you choose “you don’t have anymore information to find” Berner not give you the reward instead told you to get more information.)


Berner  Exp: 1,450 x4 + 5,000   Fame: 30 x4 + 50 (note: usually after you choose “you don’t have anymore information to find” Berner not give you the reward instead told you to get more information.)
Freeing bad man Quest

Buy the fake crystal from Shorty. Talk to him. This quest used to be needed to get a fake pass for Silon-Aleph Dungeon. However, the current eSO does not need this quest to be completed to enter Silon-Aleph Dungeon.


Field Trip Document Quest

part of Record of Duran Quest, Talk to Graham. Talk to Remy, he’ll tell you about a document. Talk to Collins and get him to give you his field trip document.


Silon Militia Pass Quest

Talk to the guard standing in front of Silon cave. Talk to Graham after finishing Field Trip Document Quest. Talk to the guard standing in front of Silon cave.


Boy’s Request Quest

Talk to Dark Hair Kid inside the cave. Talk to him. He asks you to defeat one Warrior of Darkness outside and bring its head back. Bring him a Warrior of Darkness’ Head. Talk to him again.


Dark Hair Kid
Successor Quest

Talk to the Dark Hair Kid. Ask him about Galadariel. He’ll ask you to find the Black Hair Knight.

Bring a letter from the boy to the knight. Return the Knight’s words to the Dark Hair Kid.


Dark Hair Kid  Exp: 25,250 + 4,250 + 40,000 + 12,750   Fame: 900 + 220 + 3,000 + 370
Yesod’s Answer Quest

Talk to Dark Hair Kid. He explained how he has come to lose his powers, and said it was beyond his knowledge why he was reincarnated as a mere mortal. Lets inform Arus of this fact. He gives you a reply to return back to Black Hair Knight. Talk to him again to get his name to finish Black Hair Knight’s hard request as well. The Black Hair Knight will ask you to thank the kid again. So return back to the cave for the 3rd time and thank him.


Dark Hair Kid  Exp: 19770 590 Lion Crest (emotion)
Vivi & Tristan Quest

Talk to Vivi. Vivi asks for you to pass a flower to Tristan. Bring the flower Vivi gave you to Tristan. Return to Vivi. Repeat 2-4 times


Vivi  Exp: 0 + 4,000 + 8,000 + 15,000   Fame: 20 + 50 + 100 + 150 0 + Meat x10 + Meat x10 + Wine x10
Dimension Quest D.End 60,000 6000 Blaze Crest (emotion)
Gardel Time Travel Medicine Quest

Talk to D.End about the Time Travel Medicine. Talk to Gardel and get a reagent bottle. Go to Clements Mine 1F and find the Green Hair Elf. Select the option “Make her cry” (You must finished The Trail of Heroes Quest to make her cry) Return to Gardel and he’ll give you the Time Travel Medicine.


Year 315 Laywook Forest Quest


D.End  Exp: 40,000 + 0 + 90,000   Fame: 200 + 2,000 + 9,000 Grace of Vinagh


Year 316 Forest of Cross Quest


D.End  Exp: 50,000   Fame: 20,000 Mystic Stone x2
To The Future Quest

  1. Talk to D.End.
  2. Go to the warp behind him.
  3. Talk to the people in the middle.
  4. Come out and report back to D.End.
  5. Episode 1 Clear.


D.End  Exp: 50,000   Fame: 20,000 + 1,000