The Trail of Heroes Quest ( 4 Pahlawan )

Whereabouts of Heroes Quest

  1. Talk to her (Iris).
  2. Talk to D.Heroend.

Heroes' Whereabouts


Arus Signature Quest

  • Talk to D.Heroend and get Arus portrait.
  • Go to Elim tavern and talk to the Black Hair Knight. This is Arus.
  • He says he needs a drink. Walk to Jin and talk to him. Buy the Black Hair Knight some drinks.
  • Complete his easy request. Choose the easier one that needs you to go to Madelin and find the Fortune Teller – Shina.
Knight's Question
  • Go to Madelin with the Gold the Black Hair Knight gave you.
    • Note: If you happen to sell the Gold, it is still obtainable from Crow.
Fortune Teller
  • Get his signature and return to D.Heroend.
Arus sig Arus sig quest


Claire Signature Quest

  • Talk to D.Heroend and get Claire portrait.
  • Go to Noble Madam in front of Elim Gates. She is Empress Claire.
  • Get her signature by completing the quest.
  • Return to D.Heroend.


Baldea Signature Quest

  • Talk to D.Heroend and get Baldea portrait.
  • Go Zaid. Move into Clements Mine and wander deep in until you meet Green Hair Elf. This is Baldea.
  • Get her signature and return to D.Heroend.

Note: If you receive a pouch from Baldea called an Orgel then you have the Gold Coin Quest (Wiping out the Ghosts Quest). Drop both the pouch and the Quest from your inventory and your will receive the signature or you can finish the quest first and come back to Baldea later. – Remember always walk to the RIGHT inside the Clements Mine to find Baldea. It is quite complicated so try your best keep walking to the right hand side.


Duran Signature Quest

  • You will have to finished the following quests in order:
    • Rosanne’s Request Quest
    • Find Janet Quest
    • Slay’s Request Quest
    • The First Knight Quest


Rosanne’s Request Quest

  1. Talk to D.Heroend and get Duran portrait.
  2. Go to Elim tavern and talk to Rosanne. Show her the portrait.
  3. She asks for a Silver. Return to her with one.


Slay’s Request Quest


  • Talk to Slay. Slay (E5) is in Lime opposite the quest house.
  • Give him 1 Gold. You can get Gold from Crow.


The First Knight Quest

  • Talk to Rosanne (Elim Tavern). She wants you to find out who is the first Knight.
First Knight
  • Go to Adel Monastery.
  • Use the Wagon Driver there, choose the highlighted location
  • You’ll be teleported to Silon Militia Year 315 to fight Lioner. Fight it.
  • You get Duran signature after you defeat it.
  • Return to D.Heroend and return the signature.


Four Heroes Signature Quest ( FINISHED )

  1. Talk to D.Heroend again.
  2. End of The Trail of Heroes Quest.
Quests Needed:
  • Arus Signature Quest,
  • Claire Signature Quest,
  • Baldea Signature Quest,
  • Duran Signature Quest.
Repeatable: Not Repeatable
Reward(s): Exp: 50000
Fame: 10000

DONE Good Job…!