Dimension Quest


Talk to D.End. He’ll tell you about a forbidden place. Note: He does not exactly give you the quest.

Note: If you did Successor Quest and D.End does not tell you about the forbidden place, go talk to Black Hair Knight and ask him “about Lion’s crest” to continue. Note: After that talk to D.End again to get the quest

Form a party of Lvl60 – 89, go to West of Laywook Forest. Talk to the Guard and he will warp you inside. Talk to Martin. If you are below Level 90, he will say you can not enter.

‘If you are above Level 90, talk to the guard choose “how come?” and then choose “threatening(need lion crest)”.’  

Go Southeast of the map. Threaten 1 of the Brainwashed Fairies and they will let you in.

* You’ll be warped into a separate south section of the map that you cannot enter normally.

* Defeat 3 brainwashed Bale. (To accomplish this a player should have at least 650 damage/magic damage)

** [Charmed]Kinbara [Earth]

** [Charmed]Sphin-x-core [Darkness]

** [Charmed]Lizzard Man

* After defeating all the 3 brainwashed monsters, talk to Martin.

He’ll only respond if your Level is above 70.

Return to Elim and talk to the Noble Madam in front of the gates. She’ll give you a Blaze Crest (emotion, it is not an inventory item). Report back to D.End. He’ll give you your next quest, asking you to find Gardel.