Future of Shiltz Quests Episode 2

The Future of Shiltz (2nd Episode )

Aleister’s Past Quest

  • Start of Episode 2 here.
  • Speaking with Magus further will prompt you to choose a side.
  • Pick :
  1. ‘Send me to future.’
  2. ‘Send me anyways’
  3. Choose one of the following option:
    1. ‘The future with humans remaining.’ – Future Arus’s Side.
    2. ‘The future with Bale remaining.’ – Duran’s Side (?).
    3. ‘The future with all coexisting.’ – Duran’s Side.

Future Arus

Note: No one know his location. Only Lioner and Cruise know his location


Lioner NPC (entry way from Adel Monastery) and Cruise NPC (at West of Red Soil A2)

Future Arus
  1. Go into the warp behind D.End.
  2. Talk to Magus to warp to the future Year 330.
  3. Receive quest from Future Arus.

Aleister's Past

  1. To finish this Quest see Find Missing Person Quest
  1. Go into the warp behind D.End.
  2. Talk to Magus to warp to the future Year 315. You can alternatively go to Adel Monastery and pick Lioner’s Cave to talk to Lioner.
  3. Receive quest from Lioner.

Aleister's Past

  1. To finish this Quest see Find Missing Person Quest


Cruise’s Request Quest

  1. Talk to Cruise to get his request.

Cruis' Request

  1. Defeat Servanguy (located near Cruise) and get 20 Sheriff Badges.
  2. Return to Cruise.

Note: You need to complete Chapter 1 (To the Future Quest) before taking on this quest)

Elder’s Healthy Food Quest

  • Talk to Gypsy Elder to get his request (by choosing “Who is the madman?”)
  • Collect 30 Rayshark’s Fins either from:
    • Rayshark the 3rd, which can be found at Glasis Plains (South-West of Madelin) or Downstream of Glasis River
    • Rayshark the 2nd, which can be found at Nerais.
  • Return to Gypsy Elder. and receive Gypsy Elder’s Letter

Gypsy Elder's Letter

Find Missing Person Quest

  1. Talk to Cruise to get this quest.
  2. Finish Elder’s Healthy Food Quest you will need Elder’s Gypsy Letter
  3. Speak to Elder in Sevis (East in Sevis). He’ll tell you to go to Red Soil Cave.
  4. Try to enter Red Soil Cave (Western Red Soil A7), you’ll find that an invisible force blocking it.

Mouth of Cave

  1. Return back to Elder in Sevis choose option 3. He tells you to look for Sabin.

Let's go to Sabin

  1. Speak to Sabin (C4) (South-West of Sevis).

Sabin's Voucher

  1. Go to the Elf Queen at Northern Poibus (G4) (Near the blue pond area).

Vinagh Crest Required

  1. Take a long walk back or teleport to West of Laywook Forest and speak to Vivi to get a Vinagh’s Card.

Vinagh's Card

  1. Return to the Elf Queen and speak with her.

Upside-down Vinagh Crest

  1. Bring an Aleph’s Crystal with you and enter the Red Soil Cave.
  2. Investigate the Illuminating Spot by breaking an Aleph’s Crystal and receive a quest with name Image of Red Soil Cave
  3. After you learn that Aleister try to save his lover Etwa and failed, and then Samael lives inside Aleister. You will get this quest :

Image of Red Soil Cave

  1. Report back to the Elf Queen.
  2. Report back to Future Arus or Lioner to finish Aleister’s Past Quest (by talking to Magus).
  3. Report back to Cruise and tell him your findings. Find Missing Person Quest finished



Investigate Samael Quest

  1. Do Find Missing Person Quest first
  2. Go to Future Arus or Lioner (by talking to Magus). Speak to them until you get a letter from either of them.

Duran's Letter or
File:Arus’ Letter.jpg

  1. Return to Magus and show him letter from Future Arus or Duran. He will summon you to Lioner Cave or Future Arus

Arus' Reply or
File:Duran’s Reply.jpg

  1. Go back to Future Arus or Lioner and you’ll receive Investigate Samael Quest

Investigate Samael

  1. Speak to the Elf Queen (Northern Poibus, blue pond area). She’ll ask you to find Sabin in Sevis Town.
  2. Speak to Sabin back in Sevis (South West part of town). She asks for a portrait of the Elf Queen.

Fairy Queen's Portrait Request

  1. Return to the Elf Queen, who wants you to defeat Maid Catfish and collect 20 Broken Teacups for her.

Fairy Queen's Request

  1. Speak to Elf Queen and receive a Fairy Queen Portrait.

Fairy Queen's Portrait

  1. Return to Sabin.
  2. Speak to Tiphareth (Cut scene included).
  3. Do the 1st Test Quest and 2nd Test Quest from Tipareth.
  4. Return to Future Arus or Lioner to finish the Quest


1st Test Quest

  • She asks if you’re ready to take her First Test (option number 2)

1st test

  • She asks you to defeat:
    • Soul Collector MK2
    • Diana
    • Gnome
  • Bring back to her the top, bottom parts and Soul of Darkness. Then she’ll give you something to help you fight Samael.
  • Gnome
    • First you need to talk to Gnome in Northern Poibus located through the [Warp]To Gnome at D2 (behind mushrooms and stones).

Gnome Statue

    • Second you need to talk to Tipareth to know how to revive Gnome before you fight him.

Manual A. Heart

    • To fight Gnome, you’ll need an Artificial Heart to revive him. To make his heart you will need the following:
      • 10 Cold Hearts
      • 20 Steel Plates
      • 20 Screws
      • 10 Fallen Spirits
      • 20 Boiling Bloods
    • To make the artificial heart take the materials and go to Olsen in Zaid and choose to make Articifial Heart and keep talking to him until all item changed to Artifical Heart (black colored heart)

Soul Heart (Step 2)(Step 2)
Soul Heart (Step 3)(Step 3)
Soul Heart (Step 4)(Step 4)
Talk to Olsen again then you will get : Artificial Heart

    • After getting an Artificial Heart, you go to Gnome. Entrance to Gnome can be found at D1 section of Northern Poibus.
    • Talk to him and plant the heart. He’ll awaken and you can fight him.
      • Hint: Mages can kill him without being hit.
    • Defeat him and get a Darkness Crystal(B).

Darkness Crystal(B)

  • Diana
    • To get to Diana, you’ll need to go the bottom right corner of Eastern Red Soil.
    • Defeat her and get a Soul of Darkness.

Soul of Darkness

      • Hint: Avoid the Diaplayer and Nagaplayer. Mage and Gambler can defeat Diana single-handedly due to range.
  • Soul Collector MK2
    • To get to Soul Collector MK2, you’ll need to go to dungeon Catacomb 4F, located West of Elim. Entrance to Soul Collector MK2 can be found on the 4th Floor.
      • Hint:To get into the MK2 Region, you have to have 2 kinds of key and you can get these keys from the soul collectors found in fourth floor of underground prison, just keep killing until you get 2 kinds of key ~Thanks to EastSide

Upper part of a Key Lower part of a Key

      • Hint: Team to contain a high level knight/mage/warrior and priest.
      • A knight to provoke all the surrounding maps and keep running around the map to avoid the priest getting killed. And another player with enough HP to kill Soul Collector MK2.
    • Defeat it and get a Darkness Crystal(T).

Darkness Crystal(T)

  • Return to Tipareth.
  • Choose ‘You resolve the first test.’ She gives you 4 options.
    • The combination of flames – you get Soul Collector’s Glove
    • The combination of life – you get Head of Diana
    • The mystical combination – you get Forest Crystal
    • You quit – quit the menu
  • After choosing one of the options above, keep talking and then you get a Crystal of Darkness.
  • Talk to Tipareth again.
  • Choose ‘You hand over the crystal of darkness’.
  • Keep talking to her until she changes the crystal of darkness into the item you selected.


2nd Test Quest

  • Talk to Tipareth again.

2nd test

  • Defeat Tipareth.
  • Talk to Tipareth again to receive your quest reward.
    • Take the Mystic Stone and Grace of Hokma to Greywind to exchange for Grace of Tipareth.
  • Go back to magus and warp to Future Arus or Lioner.
  • Report your findings about Samael and you will finish the Investigate Samael Quest.
  • Talk to Future Arus or Lioner and receive some more fame.