The Myth of World Creation

In the beginning, there was nothing in the world. Darkness and Light, materials of all composition… these were all created from null. Only the abyss ground was left after the destruction of the world. At first, Malkuth fished out explosives from the Sea of Fire and hurled it across the sky. They filled the sky as stars and the largest amongst them became the Sun. The Sun didn’t stop burning until it incinerated everything Next, Yesod provided the foundation by flooding the world with water and thereby dousing the flames. On the third day, Hod created the continents by forming the lands using soil. Mountainous valleys were no longer seen. Dean of Strength erected the Pillars of Steel on the fourth day.

When Tiphareth of Flowers planted trees on the land, the world as we know it began to take shape.

Genesis of Shiltz.

When the world was first created, it was peaceful and everyones’ lives were bountiful under the auspices of the benign Elims. However, when the Balie was born from the Elims’ shadows, chaos ensued. Metatron of Doom first sprang off from the shadow of the Elim of Guidance Keterre. The artful Laziel from Hokma of Knowledge; Sakiel of War from Vinagh the Protector; Zadkiel of Power; Samael of Strength from Dean of Justice; Zikael of Vengeance from Tiphareth of Beauty; Hanaiel of Blood from Neza of Achievement; Lanael of Darkness from Hod of Honor; Galadriel of Bewilderment from Yesod of Essence; and Sandalpon of Destruction.

From Malkut. In the midst of all that, Sandalpon abducted Malkuth to his cave. Young Malkuth, just having been roused, went looking for his predecessor in Sandalpon’s cave. When the young Malkuth arrived at Sandalpon’s habitat, the previous Markut was already dead,and the young Sandalpon was just shedding its skin. Malkuth, enraged, hurled a bolt of lightning and war ensued. The war between the Elims and the Balies lasted for 7,000 days, and it did not cease until they razed the world they had created. The sky and the earth were no longer able to embrace anything and the world fell into a bottomless crevice. At that moment, Elios held fast to a piece crumbling land. Elios erected four great columns to hold up the land and collected all the Elims, Balies, and other dying organisms on top of it.

That is how Shiltz was created.

Elios urged to the Elims,
“Open yours eyes again. Resurrect as the world has been resurrected. But I will not allow anymore warfare on this land. You will never be able to face off each other again. For that reason, they chose a surrogate race to wage warfare in their stead. “

The Elims chose the human race which resembled them, and the Balies opted for the Bales who took after them. The Elims subsequently vanished from the world and only the Bales, devoid of their brethren and intellect were left. ‘The ‘seal’ is a wizardry created by the Elims in their warfare against the Balies. But the mightiest seal was performed by Erasnets, a human wizard. ‘


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